Roof Replacement Cost in Houston

Replacing your old roof is among the most significant home improvement projects. It will not only add value to your home, but it will also protect your loved ones and property from the elements. Such a significant project requires a considerable budget, and you might be tempted to put off the much-needed replacement. However, replacing your old roof is advisable if you notice missing shingles, multiple leaks, rotting plywood, and cracks.

But, what is the average cost of roof replacement in Houston, Texas? Here is all you need to know.

Cost of Roof Replacement in Houston

The average cost of roof replacement in Houston varies depending on where you live, the materials, labor, type of existing roof, and more. Here is a complete breakdown of the cost of roof replacement in Houston.


A significant portion of your roof replacement budget will be your preferred roofing material. The most popular roofing materials in Houston include:

  • Asphalt shingles

  • Tiles

  • Metal roofing

  • Slate

  • Stone-coated steel

Asphalt is probably the most affordable roofing material in Houston. Additionally, asphalt is easy to install and maintain. The average cost of asphalt shingles varies depending on the cost of tearing off the existing roof, your actual location, and roofing design.

Thanks to their resilience and longevity, metal roofs are also popular in Houston. It is an excellent choice for your Houston home or business.

Tile roofing is another popular material in Houston because it is aesthetically pleasing and perfect for most home styles. Moreover, tiles improve energy efficiency, require minimal maintenance, and are durable. However, concrete and clay tile roofs are more expensive than asphalt shingles and other roofing materials.


Labor rates for roofing contractors in Houston vary depending on who you hire. Generally, roofers consider the experience, duration of the project, and quality of work. They also factor in taxes, fuel, general liability insurance, and workers’ compensation. So, take your time to compare quotes before choosing a roofer for your roof replacement project. The goal is to find a dependable roofing company to ensure your roof replacement is done right.

Roof Size

It is best to note that the size of your roof isn’t the same as the size of your home. The roofing contractors you will hire will measure the size of your roof in square footage. After that, they will divide that measurement by 100 to determine the roofing square. Factors that determine the roof size include pitch elevation and roof type.

Pitch Elevation

Some homes in Houston have a steep roof pitch, while others have a flatter roof pitch. The pitch elevation will determine the roof size and labor cost. A steep pitch elevation is likely to cost you more as it requires more work and precautions. Besides, you are likely to buy more roofing materials.

The Existing Roof and Number of Layers

Your roofers have to remove the old roof before installing a new one. Roof removals are as complicated as new roof installations. That means that the roof pitch, roof materials, and the number of layers will determine the roof removal cost. In addition, the roofers have to transport the old roof to a landfill. This will also add to the cost of your roof replacement.

Additional Expenses

The roofing contractor you will hire for your roof replacement project also factors in unexpected expenses. For instance, you will have to pay more for the roof replacement if the roofer deals with termite damage. Similarly, the roofer will charge you more to bring your roof up to code. Additionally, installing your new roof might require additional resources to get the equipment and materials onto the old roof. You might also have to pay more if your roofers have to clear trees or other impediments to access the roof.

Your Roofing System

Your Roofing System comprises the shingles, ridge capping, underlayment, ice shield, ventilation system, and water shield. Depending on the roofing you want to install, you might also need other roofing materials, including pipe boots and roof flushing. Your roofer will consider these components when determining your actual roof replacement cost.

Roof Penetrations

Roof penetrations refer to anything coming out of your roof, including gas vents, skylights, chimneys, bathroom, and kitchen vents. You are likely to pay more if your roof has many penetrations. The roofers will have to take more time and manpower to work around the penetrations and install your new roof.

Going With the Cheapest Roofing Contractor is a Risk

No two roofing contractors charge the same for roofing replacements in Houston. Even though you might be tempted to choose the cheapest option, it is not always the best choice. Be aware that you will get the quality of roof and workmanship you pay for.

The certified and insured roofers at Lone Star Roofing are proud to provide the highest quality roof replacement in Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas. Get in touch with our Houston roofers to get your free quote.