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Houston Storm Damage Preparation

We know that severe weather can happen at any time. Severe weather includes hazardous conditions produced by damaging high winds, large hail, storms, strong winds, freezing rain and even flooding. It is important to understand how severe weather can affect you and your family.

Houston Storm damage prevention tips

Professional Inspection. Have you thought about having a professional inspect your roof? Request a shingle and flashing inspection. Having your roof inspected by a professional can help you determine whether your roof needs repairs before the rainstorm. You want your roof shingles and your flashing which are the metal strips at the boundaries of your roof to be in good condition. One of the best ways to protect your roof is by performing preventive maintenance and repair inspection.

Why does water pool?

There are different types of roofs. Some roofs are flat, water tends to pool in flat roofs. If your roof doesnt have the proper slope for drainage the water will pool after every rainfall and your roof will get damaged. Its also beneficial to check your rain gutter system: is it working properly? If you have a gutter system make sure is free of debris.

How old is your roof?

The safety of your family is a priority. Have an expert inspect your roof, if its weak or has widespread damage, consider having your roof replaced. If you notice signs of brown patches or leaks they wont go away, they will get worse once the rain comes. If you are a new home owner find out the age of your roof. Keep in mind that roofs over 20 years old could potentially fail during a storm.

Safety Tips

Keeping your family safe should be a top priority. Creating a home safety kit and having an emergency plan is also important. Here is a list of items you should always have ready if you live in an area where storms happen.

Enough water for each member of your family to have a gallon a day ( for at least 3 days), three day supply of food (non-perishable), a flashlight, whistle, first aid kit, garbage bags, battery operated radio, extra batteries, medications, have cash handy, keep your pets safe!

Get a Roof Inspection

Whether you need to repair or replace your roof, you can count on our team of experts to thoroughly inspect your roof and give you our honest and most professional opinion in regards to what your options are and what the best course of action is to keep your roof safe. We only use top brand roof materials. Well be happy to do a roof inspection for you. Call Lone Star Roofing, your expert roofing contractors in Houston,today to schedule an appointment!

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June 19, 2019
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