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How Long Does A Roof Last In Houston?

The temperature in Houston might not be very hostile but itcan cause a lot ofdamage. Your roofreceives most of the damagedue to the local climate. Whether it isthe installation of a new roof or the replacementof the damaged one, both are can be pretty expensive to do. When you are installing or fixing a roof, you need to be assured of its quality plus how long it would last you.So, what can cause the roof to getdamaged?

  • Hurricanes and Hail.

Houston receives a lot of hurricanes during the year. The water that stores up on the rooftops does more damage then it looks. As water stays there for a long time, it can causepenetration in the roofs by damaging the shingles. As shingles get worn outthis allows water to seep inside the house and damage the roof. No matter how much hurricane preparationyou have done, once the water seeps inside the roof it wears it out. The water might seep in the ceiling and the floormaking yourroofrepair or even roof replacement getting more expensive.

  • Sunlight And Heat

All Houston areaalso receives a lot of heat and light. Constant sunlight may damage the shingles. As there is a three sixty-degree change in the temperature the shingles might develop cracks. These cracks then allow water, air, and sand to get insidedamaging the interior of your house. The intensity of the sunsometimes is so hugethat it leaves the shingles wide open.

  • Composition Of Shingles And It'sQuality

Shingles are rectangular blocks that overlap each other while forming your roof. They are basicallythe outer layer which is pushed against the harsh weather. The harsh weather first cracks it open and then seeps inside. You will need to check what shingle composition does your roof have. These can be 20 years, 30 years or even lifetime. The asphalt shingles might last for 10 to 15 years but they are not durable for areas exposed to stormy weather like Houston. The architectural shingles are more wind resistant. They can tolerate wind speeds greater than 100 mph.

  • Ventilating System

The ventilating system is also important. The exit of the warm air increases the life of your roof. It means that the roof must have vents in both ways at the top and the bottom. If it doesnt have that then the shingles with an estimated life of 30 years are reduced to 15 years.

How can youhelp increase the lifetime of your roof?

The best you can do is to check the condition of your roof quarterly in a year. As Houston receives a lot of storm on a yearly basis, to checkyourroof must be more frequent than this. As you are unable to observe the cracks appearing in the shingles you need to hire a professional roofing companyfor this job.The more you delay the roofcheck-up,the highercost you might face to fix it. As Houstons temperature is not at all mild, frequent changes in conditions cause the wear and tear of the roofs much more quickly then you estimated.

Posted by: Lone Star
September 5, 2019
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