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How the Sun Damages Your Houston Roof

We all know the fact that extreme weather condition does affect our Houston roof greatly. This can be either a thunderstorm, hurricanes, hail damage or even hot blazing summer. It can be stressful because it is not an easy job to completely replace the old roof with a new one. There is more investment required. This is, therefore, one of the most concerning matters for the owners having a house inHouston.

The extreme weather inHouston damages the roofs more often than you can expect

Since there is a lot of storm in Houston and thenthe blazing sun in summer, it deeply damages the roof of the house. These severe damages can easily empty your pockets and make you concerned about this issue. It is not an easy job to get the damaged roofs repaired there and then. This task consumes a lot of time and money as well. Especially for those who do not know the best roof contractors in town. They face a big difficulty in searching for the roof contractors and then making sure that they are the reliable ones. Due to all these issues and hassle, we will talk aboutsome important reasons forthe sun damage in Houston.This discussion will help you to take necessary prevention tips forthe future.

The following are thereasons which will make you aware of how the sun damages your Huston roof. These reasons will help you to decide and take preventive steps to eliminate this issue.

The weakening of the roof due to UV Rays

The heat and the UV rays deeply damage your roof. This is because the UV rays are directly emitted on your roof in summer and even in winter. This makes them wear and weak. Gradually these rays dry up the lubricant oil from your roof which causes them to crack and break down.

Flexibility Lost

As the UV rays weaken the roofs, it causes to break down the lubricant cant oil in asphalt shingles. This makes the roof brittles, stiff and it easily cracks. Due to the formation of cracks on the roofs, it loses its flexibility. This is the most dangerous damage because the roof it then on the verge of falling.

The Sunrays fades the color

This is known to be a cosmetic problem when in hot summer the color of the clothes or the makeup fades away. This is just like that. The direct sun rays fade the color of the roof making it look worn out and untidy.

Expansion and Contraction

This is the simplest fact of science which we all are aware of. We know that objects expand in heat and contract when they are cooled down. Similarly, the roof also expands in summer at day time due to direct sun rays and contract at night. This rapid process of expansion and contraction weakens the shingles and cause the roof to wear out.

Just checking your roofon a consistent basis will help you prevent bigger damage

Posted by: Lone Star
September 5, 2019
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