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Identifying Roof Hail Damage in Houston

This year can be named as the year of hailstorms for Houston. The city suffered from several hailstorms over a period of few months. Some of the hailstones recorded were unusually large. The best thing to do during such dangerous hailstorms is to park your car in the garage and stay inside the house. When such hailstorms happen,authorities reccomend you to stay inside our homes. This is because of the fact that the roof of our house provides us with shelter and takes all the impact. A roof that experienced such strong and regular hail storms need to be repaired and at times replaced.

You can use the following map to see upcoming storms: (view map)

Typical Roofing Issues from Hail Storms

Whenever there is a hailstorm in your area, it is ideal to get on the roof and check it for any damages. Even if you dont see any major damages,you should get an expert to perform a little maintenance of your roof. Hail can damage your roof in many different ways however some of the major roof damages caused by hailstorms are listed below;

Missing Shingles

Strong winds and hailstorms are the biggest reasons for you shingles going missing. They can actually cause multiple shingles to get displaced. This can be very bad in the long run as it can cause leakage which seep through to the house below.

Dents In Shingles

No matter the type of shingles you have, whether metal or asphalt or any other type, large hailstones are bound to put a dent In them. It is best to walk around your entire roof in order to find dents on the shingles. Your roof acts as a protection for your entire house so you have to be very careful when you check for such things. If you miss any of the damage then it might end up costing you a lot of money in the long run.

Cracks On Shingles

In addition to big dents, you have to look for smaller cracks as well. These cracks are usually seen in asphalt shingles and might not look that threatening now but they can be dangerous in the long run. Cracks can regularly store water which can decompose your roof and after some time the water will start seeping in.

Shingle Looks Lighter Than Usual

Shingles can lose their color if they are hit again and again with a large force. If hailstones keep hitting a single piece of shingle that that shingle is bound to lose its color. Light colored shingles are an example of damaged shingles. So you should replace them right away.

It should be noted that hailstorm and other natural eventsare going to have a different effect on different types of shingles. This is why it is crucial for you to have high quality shingles on your roof. Asphalt shingles are considered very powerful .They can withstand some very strong hailstones however this does not mean that you shouldnt check your roof after the hailstorm just because you have asphalt shingles.

If you think you've experienced hail damage on your roof consider having an inspection done by a reputable roofing contractor. Lone Star Roofing can provide a free inspection of your roof, so don't hesistate to reach out to us.

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August 21, 2019
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