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Roof Inspection Services in Houston

#1 Roof Inspectors in Houston

Though often neglected, the roof remains the most important part of the house. If the roof is damaged, it can result in damage to furniture, appliances and other expensive items in the house. Though most property owners in Houston arrange for a roof inspection before selling or buying a home, it is advisable to inspect the roof periodically at least once a year. It is also advisable to check the roof after a hurricane, heavy rainfall or snowfall which can cause a lot of damage to the roof. The scope of services for roof inspection houston offered by Lone Star Roofing in Houston are listed below.

The procedure for roofing inspection will vary depending on the building or house design, age of the property and also type of roofing which is used. The first step in roofing inspection is ensuring that the roof is structurally sound, so that the roofing inspector can climb the structure to inspect it. All the roofing the roofing inspectors are well trained, certified and licensed, pay attention to detail and will give a honest report on the condition of the roofing. Their inspection report is acceptable to all organizations and will help the home owner take the right decision on repairs or replacement.

Our Roof Inspection Process

The roofing inspector will usually inspect the roof from inside the building or structure, since it is easier and safer to do so. The attic interiors, insulation and ventilation will be checked. If there is significant damage to the roofing which is visible from the interiors of the building, indicating structural damage, suitable precautions may be necessary while inspecting the entire roof. In some cases, some basic repairs may be necessary before the exteriors of the roof are inspected. The wooden or metal structures which are supporting the roof will be inspected to check for rot or corrosion.

The main inspection involves checking the roofing material. Since roofing shingles are the most widely used roofing material, the roof will be checked for missing or broken shingles. The shingles will also be inspected to find if any of the shingles have been washed away due to erosion. In some cases the shingles may be displaced or have shifted from their original position, resulting in a gap. The flashing and caulking of the roof is also checked.In some cases, the caulking may be cracked, and require repairs. The waterproofing of the roof will also be checked during the inspection to determine whether additional waterproofing is required.

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The gutters of the roof will also be inspected for damage or clogging and their condition will be recorded. The downspout of the gutter, roof valley, roof projections, seals, vents and dormers will also be inspected. Some homes have chimneys which will also be inspected so that any damage is recorded. The roofing material will also be checked for brittleness which indicates that it will break easily, especially for older homes. The fasteners and fitting will also be inspected to check if any are missing or corroded. An accurate report on the exact condition of the roof will be provided to our clients, so that they can take the right decision.

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October 12, 2020
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