Roof Inspection Services in Katy, TX

Roof inspections are mandatory to keep your roof in perfect shape. With routine roof inspections, you can detect issues that require your immediate attention before they get out of hand. Yet, many homeowners and business owners in Katy only think about their roof when it needs to be repaired or replaced. This often leads to more damages and expenses down the line. 

Fortunately, scheduling routine roof inspections can prevent headaches and heartaches. Whether you are planning to replace your worn roof or dealing with an annoying leak, here is your complete guide to roof inspections.

Are Roof Inspections Worth It?

Why schedule a roof inspection if your roof is in perfect shape and there are no visible signs of roof damage? This is a common question our team gets asked. The truth is that most roof issues are not visible to the untrained eye.

In addition, you might have to climb your attic or go to your roof surface to detect leaks, water damage, defective gutters, snow damage, and other roof problems. Discover why roof inspections are worth it.

✅Detect damaged areas early on
✅Extends the lifespan of your roof
✅It gives you the evidence you need to support your insurance claim
✅Plan and budget for repairs
✅Protect your loved ones and property
✅Protects your roof warranty

What is Included in a Professional Roof Inspection?

Our roof technicians will examine every aspect of your roof, from the material to structural support. They will also examine your roof for any signs of damage to the surrounding structures. Here is a detailed guide to our roof inspection process:

Material Inspection

The first aspect of your roof that our technicians will inspect is the material. Our technicians will inspect your roof material for any sign of damage. In addition, they will examine the material for staining, water damage, missing materials, and moss. After that, they will check the flashing underneath the material for pests, leaks, and cracks.

Structural Inspection

After checking your roof material, our roof technicians will proceed to inspect the overall structure of your roof. Structural inspection strives to determine if your roof is holding up well. To do that, roof technicians will check for these signs:

✅Damaged or missing materials
✅Sagging ceilings
✅Damaged or missing collar ties
✅Cracked or rotted trusses and rafters
✅Damaged or missing rafter tiles
✅Tilting exterior walls
✅Damaged gutters and soffit fascia

The technicians will also check your roof penetrations, including chimneys, vents, and skylights, for any signs of damage.

Interior Inspection

Finally, our roofing technicians will focus on the interior portion of your roof. Expect them to look out for signs that aren’t visible from the exterior. Interior roof inspection involves checking for water stains, wood rot, and mold on your ceilings, walls, and attics. Roof technicians will also climb your attic to check for leaks and signs of animal activity.

Once the technicians are satisfied, they will prepare a comprehensive report for you. The report contains all their findings and professional recommendations. You will also get estimates for your upcoming roofing projects.

Schedule Professional Roof Inspection Today

Professional roof inspections can save money and protect your loved ones and property. If you are ready to set up a roof inspection, trust one of Katy’s most reliable roofing companies. Lone Star Roofing is a certified  GAF Master Elite contractor specializing in residential, commercial, and exterior roofing services. Call us to get your free price estimate for your upcoming roofing inspection, or ask for your free estimate on our website.